Yes, boys can do gymnastics!

3 Children on mats doing gymnastics.

Thu 6 Aug 2020

We want to break the myth that gymnastics is just for girls, and get boys back into this exciting sport. Boys can start gymnastics in our Springtots session from walking age, and move onto our beginner sessions once they start full time education.

This type of exercise is great for boys and girls. Gone are the days where boys only do football or rugby and girls netball. Don’t let your child only take part in a sport you consider is specifically for their gender, encourage any sport for both genders!!

Gymnastics improves areas such as flexibility, strength and coordination. These skills can help boys with other sports they may play, as well as helping in school. Gymnastics is also good for boys who don’t like team sports as much. It helps develop body control and overall strength, as well as social skills. Male gymnasts are some of the strongest men around. 

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our current gymnasts have to say:

“I like gymnastics because I can run and stretch. I am working to get my level 1 badge one day.” Theo age 5

“I want to pass all levels and get a medal. My favourite piece of equipment is the high beam.” Carson age 6

“My name is Thomas and I have been coming to gymnastics for a year and a half. I have passed my level 3 badge and working towards level 2. I would like to get a gold badge one day. When I first started gymnastics I was excited and a bit nervous, then I met my friend Shaun on my first session. I think more boys should do gymnastics because you get fit and strong, and boys can be stronger than girls. My favourite piece of equipment is the beam because it’s a challenge not to fall off.” Thomas age 8

“I have been coming to gymnastics for over 2 years and I’m now on badge 3. My goal is to finish all the badges. My favourite piece of equipment is the bars, because you get strong arms. You should join gymnastics because the coaches are great.” Shaun age 9

“My favourite thing to do is go on the vault and jump off. I like gymnastics because I make new friends.” Jonathan age 4

“I have been at Springwood for 2 years. My favourite piece for equipment is the bars because I get to swing and do pull ups and it’s really good. We get to go on beam, and do cartwheels. I am working on my silver award. Tom age 8

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