Derby Arena is a multi-purpose facility that offers opportunities, for Derby and our surrounding towns, to inspire more people to become more physically and culturally active. We have a whole range of facilities on offer, to create opportunities for all.

What we can do for your pupils

Here at Derby Arena we can offer a wide range of versatile sport and health & fitness opportunities, for as little as £2 per head for sports court activities and £6 for the cycle track from the age of 9.

We have a top of the range sprung-floor dance studio which can be used for a variety of sports, performance and arts. As well as classroom space, that can be used as a break out area for your school. We also have a fantastic health and fitness suite that offers Movement gym membership for anyone over the age of 12.

We can tailor a programme of activities to suit your school curriculum objectives.

What's available

  • 13 badminton courts
  • 1 basketball courts
  • 2 table tennis tables
  • 4 pickleball courts
  • Rugby
  • Dance/exercise studios
  • Olympic-size velodrome
  • 3 volleyball courts
  • Kwik cricket
  • 3 netball courts
  • Futsal
  • Equipment hire
  • Classrooms
  • Derby Arena tours

If you would like to find out more, give us a call on 01332 640011 or email

(AQA) Cycling Track Assessment Offer

At Derby Arena we understand the benefits of offering an alternative and engaging qualification for students. Cycling, as a sport, has seen growth in popularity in recent years and this offer creates a great opportunity for students to take part in a new activity and a sport that they will be talking about for months after.

How is the course taught?

The course will be in 2 sessions, taught by a qualified British cycling coach and will teach students how to ride, control and master both a fixed wheel bike and an Olympic 42° banked track. The course covers:

  • Starts - standing
  • Sprint finish
  • Track position
  • Chain ganing/riding in a group
  • Basic riding technique

What will the students learn?

Students will develop in the coached environment and learn transferable skills for safe outdoor riding, including
better bike control, observation and decision making processes.

What are the additional workshops?

Alongside track sessions we offer knowledge on coaching, anatomy and physiology of cycling and basic
mechanic skills. These workshops are offered before, during or after track sessions to add further content which
can be tailored to your needs. The assessed skills are detailed in the appendix.

For more information

Download our information sheet or contact or call 01332 640011.