Track league


Do you have a competitive streak or want to take track cycling to the next level? Our Track League could be just for you.

The Derby Arena Track League aims to promote competitive track cycling opportunities for women and men aged 16 and over, encouraging track cycle racing that enables riders to progress in the sport to develop talent and inspire participation.

Racing currently takes place on Tuesdays from 7pm to 10pm (sign-on from 5.45pm). The venue is also open to spectators. 

Want to join the Track League?

Our Track League is open to riders with a British Cycling racing license (provisional or full) and a British Cycling gold or silver membership. For more information please read our rider information page. Please note that all riders need to hold a valid UK Indoor Track Accreditation.

To ride, you need to first register for the league and then enter each weekly session on British Cycling website.


The track league race programme is a combination of events delivered over the duration of the track league, including the following:

Scratch Race

The scratch race is the simplest out of all of the endurance events. It’s a bunch race over a set distance, where the first rider who gets across the line wins. Despite its simplicity, the scratch race can be an enthralling contest, with breakaways, lap gains and bunch sprints.

Points Race

The points race is a bunch race carried over a set distance with points available at intermediate sprints for the first four riders across the line. Points are also given for lapping the field and the rider with the most points at the end wins. It sounds simple, but in reality the points race is one the most physically and mentally demanding of the track disciplines, with speed, stamina and tactical awareness all being required in large amounts.

Elimination (Miss and Out)

The elimination race is one in which the last rider across the finish line every other lap is withdrawn from the race. The tension builds lap after lap as the riders fight for position at the back of the pack. One by one the field is whittled down to the final three riders, who then sprint for the first, second and third place.