Corporate Membership

Derby Arena gym

Are you looking at raising your team’s spirit? Membership with Derby Active at Derby Arena or Springwood Leisure Centre is a great opportunity to network, and keep fit and healthy. Our bespoke offer incentivises you to encourage and motivate your staff to be more active.

Are your members of staff often off sick? Perhaps they're struggling with back and neck pain? Are you looking at helping your staff quit smoking? The answer is exercise! Get them back into feeling energised and relaxed with our corporate memberships.

You will soon see yourself getting return on your investment by having your members of staff being more efficient at their jobs, more energised, enthusiastic, having your teams closer and friendlier. Even more – we will help you reduce the amount of days your members of staff are off sick. By being more efficient your members of staff will soon help your business succeed.

How do our corporate memberships work?

  • Your employees can now access our inclusive membership, providing unlimited access to the gym and classes, at two leisure centres.  
  • Use any of our facilities as part of your membership – Derby Arena and Springwood Leisure Centre
  • Our corporate offers a discount on standard membership prices whether your employees are already existing members or new joiners.
  • There are no hidden costs (no joining or admin fees), everything is included in the monthly membership prices below:

How to join

To find out more and receive a 1-day membership pass, please complete the enquiry form below and we will be back in touch with you soon.


All information will be treated in accordance with our privacy notice.


The gym at Derby Arena