British Cycling's Rider Route

The Rider Route – helping the most promising riders become the stars of world and Olympic cycling.

Talent Development 


Development Centres

Development Centres (DC) are the first step on the British Cycling talent pathway, these sessions are open to all riders of certain ages, are run across each of the British Cycling regions, across multiple disciplines and are based out of British Cycling facilities. Derby Arena is a Development Centre

Regional Schools of Racing

Riders who perform well and show promise at their club and in regional competition can be nominated by their club for a Regional School of Racing (RSR).

National Schools of Racing

National Schools of Racing (NSR) are a new initiative developed by British Cycling, this part of the programme is designed to enable the talent development programme to turn up and down the volume of delivery on certain disciplines and genders.


Here we identify and develop bike riders aged 13 to 15 to create a pool of athletes that are ready for the academy. This is about constructing the ‘building blocks’ that will be required for the route to becoming a member of the Great Britain Cycling Team (GBCT).


This is where we begin to invest more heavily in developing those riders that are showing the most promise. The GBCT supports around 100 apprentices nationally at this level, and those awarded this status should be aiming to graduate onto the Academy.


From 15 to 21 we focus on intensively developing the country’s best young riders. Refining on what has already been learnt, the aim is to support the transition to becoming a senior bike rider, and ready to graduate to the Podium Programme.

Junior Academy

The Junior Academy is focused on developing the country’s best junior riders, ensuring that they are ready for life as full-time athletes. This will include opportunities to race at international competitions in preparation for riding in major events at a senior level.

Senior Academy

The Senior Academy is the ultimate ‘finishing school’. The aim is simple: to fine-tune athletes and ensure they are ready to dominate the top-step of world and Olympic race podiums in the future.


The pinnacle of the performance pathway, the Olympic Podium Programme is dedicated to supporting highly-skilled elite cyclists as they aim to win medals in major competitions, such as world championships and Olympic Games.

If you would like to find out more information visit British Cycling's Rider Route webpage and their Talent Developer Pathway.