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We hope that the information below answer all your questions, however if there are questions that we have left unanswered please get in touch with us using our contact form.

What activities are available at Derby Arena?

There's something for everyone at Derby Arena. Enjoy our state-of-the-art gym, group exercise studios, group cycling sessions, cycle track, infield sports courts and cultural events.

Do I need to book in advance?

We would recommend you to book in advance for all sessions and activities taking place at Derby Arena to avoid disappointment.

Can I use the Arena gym as a casual member or do I need a monthly membership?

Yes, you can use Derby Arena as a casual pay as you go user, but if you come more than once a week you'll probably save money with one of our memberships.

I am new to track cycling, how do I start?

The cycle track is available for all ages and abilities so be sure to know that members of staff will always be on hand to support you. Your first step will be to book onto one of our Introduction to Track Cycling sessions, which acts as a taster and can just be for fun or can be your first step to gaining accreditation on the track.

Our cycle hub has all the equipment you need to ride the track, including track bikes, helmets and more.

What does it feel like riding a track bike?

Track bikes are fixed gear, which means that they require leg speed/strengths to accelerate or slow down. After the initial ride, fixed gear becomes a very natural feeling and feels like the purest form of biking.

What is the minimum age for riding the track?

The minimum age for our standard track programme sessions is 12 years. Some school holiday sessions are suitable for children from the age of 9.  

What do I wear during my cycle track session?

Don't worry about purchasing any professional clothing during your first sessions riding the track. It's essential that you stay safe and comfortable during your sessions.

It's a good idea to wear two layers of clothing, especially on your top half. This will help you protect yourself from injuries, cuts and grazes. Padded cycle shorts would improve your comfort when riding the track, however they are not essential.

Stay away from wearing loose clothing as it may get caught up on something. Similarly please ensure that all laces are tucked away in your shoes or socks.

All our bikes require clip in cycle shoes, which are available for hire in a range of sizes. We use Look Keo pedals for our bikes at the Arena, providing that your cleats are in good state of wear, you will be able to wear your own clip in shoes. Alternatively you will be able to wear your own trainers.

We also recommend you wearing gloves or track mitts as this will reduce the amount of injuries caused during the session.

Can I ride my own bike?

Yes, you can ride your own bike as long as it complies with the cycle track specific requirements.

Track bikes must have fixed wheel, 165mm cranks and 280mm (11") bottom bracket height (measured from floor to centre of bottom bracket). Your bike should have no braze-ons and must have track ends. We advise you to make the following checks to your bike before taking to the track:

  • tyres (must be inflated to 8 bar)
  • chain tension
  • wheel nuts.

How do I go about booking a track cycling session at the Arena?

You can make bookings for the cycle track either over the phone (01332 640011) or in person at the reception.

What time shall I arrive for my track session?

Please note all riders will need to report to the cycling D at least 15 minutes before the start of the session to receive the safety briefing from the coach. We recommend arriving at  the venue 30 minutes before your session start time to ensure that you get your equipment and yourself ready for the session. Failure to do this may mean you miss the safety briefing and therefore are unable to take part in the session.

The safety and welfare of the group is paramount to Derby Arena, therefore anyone who doesn’t adhere to the coaches instructions and is putting the safety of themselves or others in danger will be asked to leave the track and will not be refunded for the session. 

I am riding my bike to Derby Arena, is there anywhere to leave it safely?

Yes, you will be able to lock your bike outside the Arena.

Please be advised that if you are riding with cleats you will either need to use cleat covers or have recessed cleats  to gain entry to the reception and cafe area. Alternatively please bring a spare pair of shoes with you if you wish to walk around the Arena. 

Will there be any refreshments available to purchase?

Yes, we have a café with hot and cold food and drinks on sale. There are also vending machines around the Arena.

I want to visit Derby Arena with a group of people, what do I do?

Groups are more than welcome at the Arena - find out more on our groups page.

Does it cost anything for me to visit the Arena?

Entry fee of £1 applies to non-members and those not taking part in an activity, which can be redeemed against drinks purchased from Café 42. During our Open Weekend the fee does not apply.

Can I bring my pet to Derby Arena?

There are no animals allowed at Derby Arena, unless they are assistance dogs.