Watch the Arena's cycle track being laid

Tue 12 Aug 2014

As work on the Derby Arena continues, we’re excited to bring you the news that the centrepiece feature – the Velodrome cycle track - has been successfully completed. Over 6 weeks 265,000 nails and 26miles of Siberian Pine Forest Wood were laid according to a track designed by a specialist German track company - Velotrack, who also sourced, fabricated and installed the timber to create the track.

If all planks used in construction were placed end to end, it would stretch all the way from Derby to Leicester.

The cycle track and the Arena itself has now been finished and handed over. We are as excited as you are to see Derby Arena fully completed and operating.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how tricky it is to lay such a specific track, then wonder no more as we caught all the action on film. Follow the construction journey of the cycle track below.

Derby Arena Velodrome construction journey