The benefits of Wattbike sessions

Thu 23 Jul 2015

Wattbikes are one of the best pieces of equipment ever made in the fitness industry. Therefore we are lucky to have a Wattbike studio and Wattbike classes here at the Arena.

These sessions don't only improve your wellbeing but they will also:

  • help you with weight loss (these sessions will help to keep your body working out at certain levels, where your body is going to burn more body fat)
  • improve cardiovascular endurance
  • strengthen your body
  • increase hip stability and balance
  • improve your cycling technique.

Wattbike sessions are designed to work around you, your needs and abilities to ensure you can see continuous improvements. 

Make sure you book on for one of our Wattbike sessions to motivate you and help you achieve your sporting goals. Your Wattbike instructor will always be on hand and will therefore be able to help you with your technique, making sure that no injuries are caused. 

Even though the sessions are challenging, they are inspiring and motivating and will take you through the paces ensuring you work hard and achieve your sporting goals much quicker and help you drop those extra pounds.

Book on for the sessions online or give us a call on 01332 640011.