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Free weights at the Arena

Wed 23 Sep 2015

We want to know how you are getting on with your gym programmes. Not only will it allow us to get to know our customers better but it will also be beneficial for the other customers. What can be better than inspiring and motivating others to get going and not give up?

Recently we received feedback from one of our customers, Katie, who has been training at the Arena since March. Katie initially joined the gym with an aim to lose weight, tone up and increase her general fitness. We offer personalised gym programmes for our customer. Katie has been following her programme since she joined the gym and said:

‘The programme has made me more enthusiastic about using the gym. It helps because I can talk to a Health and Wellbeing advisor and easily adjust my programme as I make a progress. I feel that I can approach any of the gym staff with any questions or concerns that I might have.’

It is essential that you feel like your programme is helping you achieve your fitness goals and even importantly it is important that you feel like you can speak to our Health and Wellbeing advisors if any adjustments need to be made to it.

Katie now feels much fitter than she did when she first joined the gym. She said:

‘This is not only because of my gym programme but also because of the Watt Bike classes that I attend. They are brilliant. With the help of these classes and my programme I am gradually losing weight. My legs, especially my tights are toning up nicely as a result of my workout.’

Katie also added:

‘I would definitely recommend Derby Arena gym to others as the facilities are brilliant, the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and there are also loads of parking spaces available.’

Katie is such an inspiration to others and no doubt her testimonial will help others work towards their fitness goals. Please share your stories with us now!