September gym challenge: Omnia

Tue 1 Sep 2015

Have you seen our Omnia equipment yet? Have you always wanted to have a go at using it but don’t quite know how? 

Are you bored of repeating the same moves over and over again, and are looking at including new movements in your gym programme? 

Do you want to challenge yourself and see great fitness improvements in a short period of time? 

If any of the above sound like you, then come and give our September gym challenge a go! 

What do you need to do?

  • It’s simple, just do 40 repetitions of 8 different exercises, using different Omnia attachments and/or parts in the quickest time you can.
  • Use the whole month of September to have as many attempts at it as you want and try and improve your time. Even better do it a friend of yours, challenge and beat each other. 
  • Come in and see a health and wellbeing advisor who will be able to show you how Omnia is used and set the Omnia challenge on your Wellness account. This will enable you to see videos and details on how the different moves and types of exercises are performed. 

Let’s now put fun into functional training! Make sure you share the gym challenge with your friends and make sure you take yourselves through your paces.