Safe cycling in summer

Summer cycling

Wed 17 May 2017

As the weather is improving we know plenty of you will be spending your evenings or weekends enjoying a bike ride out and about. With such wonderful countryside in Derbyshire, it's no wonder we love a long ride!

Make sure you stay safe with our top tips for outdoor cycling:

  • Choose your route beforehand - this way you can ensure that your bike is suitable and ready to tackle whatever your journey will include. Remember to stick to legal routes, and look out for route diversions.
  • Make sure your bike is ready - this video has some brilliant advice on getting your bike ready for lots of use in the summer months.
  • Check the weather - you'll need to know whether you'll be riding on a wet surface, should it rain. This can also cause muddy conditions in the countryside. It's best to find some shelter if you can.
  • Wear your helmet! A no-brainer really.
  • Ensure you're wearing the right clothing - it makes sense to carry something waterproof with you, even if it looks sunny when you set out.
  • Pack your snacks - you'll need plenty of fluids and snacks to keep your energy up as you ride. British Cycling have some great ideas for recipes.
  • Be road smart - take care on country lanes, where visibility isn't great and you'll be sharing space with vehicles and horseriders.
  • Be sensible - it's fun to ride fast but safety is paramount!

We hope you have a great summer of riding and the weather behaves. And remember if you're planning on becoming accredited on the track, now would be a great time as many people will be out and about instead! Just a thought...