Race date approaches: The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon

Tue 28 Jun 2016

With two and a half weeks left until the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon, our Derby City Council gym-goer shares his experience in preparing for his first sprint triathlon.

"The past four months have proved to be a fun and exciting challenge, one that has opened up my eyes to new challenges and to be honest, a new love for a different sport. Having been set in my ways playing badminton for so many years, it feels great to be trying something completely different and seeing the results I wanted to achieve this year. I have followed my training plan carefully and if anything, tried to do more where I had the time. The transition from cycling to running straight away has proved the hardest challenge, but one where I no longer cramp up when doing so.

I began 2016 with an aim to lose weight, weighing 104kg; I was hoping to get back down to 90-95kg in that timeframe. Combined with an aspiration to try something new, the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon was obviously the perfect way to spark my motivation. Four months later, I am currently weighing in at approximately 93.5kg and am running on average 20km per week, swimming three times a week, and cycling for half an hour a time in between. I feel like I am regaining the fitness I had a few years ago, but am actually running longer and further than I ever have been before - I admit I may not be the fastest runner, but my endurance is definitely improving.

My diet has also undergone a significant transformation. I wouldn't say that I eat particularly unhealthy, but I admit that my quantities may be rather large and I didn't really have a balanced diet. With some advice from the Livewell team and their suggested eatwell guide, I have managed to consume a much more varied diet which has helped me significantly in training.

In my previous blog entry, I mentioned that I had yet to get a wetsuit. Luckily, I have sorted this now and plan to hit an open water session this week - wish me luck! My head now turns to the rules of the triathlon. The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon website is now updated with all the event information you would need to know as both a participant and a spectator. The route, equipment checklist, registration information, race day timetable, transition times, charities and more is now available to see on their website.

My knowledge of triathlons is probably around average so now I will spend the next two weeks studying the rules as I don't want those precious seconds adding on to my time. It's the rules such as not having your helmet on properly; it is a 'non-drafting' race and you have to mount your bike just after crossing the mount line. I feel like I'm the type to get caught up in the moment, super keen to get on my bike too early and then get disqualified or something...but at the end of the day, I am doing this for the experience, not a great finishing time."

By Tom Leonard

The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon takes place on Sunday 17th July at Markeaton Park, and the first wave begins from 9am. You can join in the fun at Markeaton Park, where there is plenty of entertainment, food and drink provided to keep spectators and athletes occupied on what is a promising fun day out for all. Don't forget to cheer for the participants!