Queen's Leisure Centre is back open

Mon 20 Jun 2016

We are excited to announce that our friends over at Queen's leisure centre opened their doors once again today. 

We would like to remind our customers that they can take advantage of the gym and group exercise classes that are available at Queen's leisure centre and can use the pool once again if your mix 'n' match membership permits. You can find more information on the memberships available by clicking here.

Queen's Leisure Centre offers a variety of classes in their group exercises table, both in and outside the pool. Alongside Pilates, Zumba, HIIT, watt bike and more, you can enjoy Aquafit - essentailly aerobics in the water. Easy on your joints yet tones your muscles. This is a great if you aim to lose weight or have limited mobility.

Aquajog ecourages all fitness levels to use water to improve stamina, style and muscle tone. Learn to use different pool shapes to the max interspersing simple jog type movement with other sports related exercise.  Investigate intervals versus steady state and the benefits of adding both drag and buoyant equipment.

Aqua Circuit is a style of Aqua Aerobics which offers optimal training opportunities for all fitness levels, encouraging gym and land enthusiasts to the pool. The energetic cardio, endurance and power stations and interval sets will challenge and motivate exercisers. Learn a “user friendly” eclectic mix of circuit stations and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). More information on the group exercise classes available at Queen's Leisure Centre is available by clicking here. 

The teaching pool is open for schools and the public to take advantage of, hosting numerous Learn To Swim classes, where our friendly instructors can take clients of all ages and abilities to progress through the Amateur Swimming Association pathway. The 25 metre gala pool is also open for you to enjoy public swimming, lane swimming, ladies only swimming, Under 8's sessions and family splash sessions.

We have come up with some top tips and reasons why you should just in the pool this Summer:

1) Burn more calories – very simply swimming is a great workout. We won’t go into the science too much but it’s true to say exercising in water reduces your heartrate by 10 – 15 beats per minute compared to similar levels of exercise out of water. Basically, you can work harder in the water than you can out of the water. 30 minutes of exercise in the water is the equivalent to approximately 60 minutes of dry side exercise. With regular lane swimming sessions a dip before or after work or at lunchtime is a great convenient, quick workout.

2) Feel good – any form of exercise will make you feel good because our levels of serotonin or ‘happy hormone’ increase. Research has shown that being in water has relaxing and revitalising qualities too; swimming reduces stress. Why not bring the whole family and enjoy one of the regular fun sessions together. 

3) Burn more fat - swimming is one of the most effective ways of losing body fat. If you want to tone up and improve your fitness, grab your cosie and your towel and head to the pool. When swimming the water acts as a natural resistance, it provides 800 times more resistance than air; this natural resistance helps tone the muscles. Aqua Fit, Aquajog and Aqua Circuit classes are a great way to say adios to those extra pounds. 

4) Low impact – Swimming is low impact exercise due to the sense of weightlessness we feel in the water, it easier on the bones and joints making it suitable for many ages, abilities and those recovering from injury. With ladies only, public and lane swimming sessions you will find the perfect session for you at Queens Leisure Centre.

For more information on the opening times and facilities available at Queen's Leisure Centre, please visit their webpage. You can also contact Queen's Leisure Centre on 01332 641444.