November Gym Challenge

Tue 1 Nov 2016

Are you ready to take part in November's gym challenge? We are looking for fitness fanatics excited to get involved in this month's exciting programme.

What is the challenge?

This month's challenge is all about speed - the fastest male and female runner to complete a 5km distance run will win two tickets each to this year's pantomime performance of Cinderella. You can attempt the challenge as many times as you'd like throughout the month.

How do I do this challenge?

To complete this challenge you will need to complete a 5km run on any Technogym treadmill, and ask a wellbeing advisor to verify and record your time. It's that simple! Speed is the name of the game in this case so bring your running shoes.

How do I record my results?

Your Health and Wellbeing Advisor will be able to record your time for you. Remember, you can also useĀ your TGS key or MyWellness Cloud App to record your results.

How do I take part in this challenge?

Speak to a Health and Wellbeing Advisor when you are ready to take part in the challenge and they will be able to come up with a progressive programme designed to improve your distance running. You can attempt this challenge as many times as you like whilst you build up your skills and reduce the time it takes you to run 5km.

We would really like to encourage each and every one of you to give this challenge a go. Remember that our Health and Wellbeing Advisors are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have.