New Track League Season at the Arena

Thu 28 Jan 2016

Following the success of the first track season last year over 200 riders have registered to take part in the upcoming season which began on Tues 19 Jan.

The league is split into four different categories A, B, C and D, with a record number or riders signing up for the first session of the season. The league will run for 9 weeks with the last session taking place on the 22 April 2016.

Group D is a new category this year for female riders and has seen the highest number of participants for the upcoming opening event. Many of the riders are new to track racing and a number of them never ridden track until Derby Arena opened, demonstrating the positive impact Derby Arena is having on sports participation.

The league is sponsored by Godfrey Sports and the current leader of each group will wear the leader’s jersey sponsored by Godfrey Sports while they race. 

Racing starts at 7pm with a full program of 4 races per group, a total of 16 races over the course of the evening, ending aproximately10pm.  

The league is open to spectators, so make sure you come and support the riders and experience the great atmosphere of a track race for the small fee of £1. 

If you would like to try-out the Arena track yourself, take a look at our full cycling programme or our new riders page for further detail.