New sessions at Derby Arena

Sitting Volleyball

Mon 14 Sep 2015

We are really excited to announce that there are a range of new sessions, including Battle Badminton, Indoor Long Bowls, Go Spike Volleyball and Sitting Volleyball sessions and Soccercise organised at the Arena that you could take part in. These new sessions are a great opportunity to try out something different. Don’t worry if you have never played the sports before, these sessions are well suited for complete beginners up to confident players. There is something available for everyone so give our new sessions a go!

Battle Badminton

Battle Badminton sessions are starting at Derby Arena on Friday 25 September at 7pm – 10pm and will cost £3 per person. These badminton sessions will be a great way for everyone to stay fit and healthy, whilst also challenging other players.

Battle Badminton is an online, self-administrated league competition platform for playing badminton on a leisurely basis. It will give you the opportunity of playing badminton matches against other people as often as you like.

To sign up for Battle Badminton please contact the Arena. Hurry up as we are offering prizes to the first 3 players who sign up to Battle Badminton at Derby Arena.

Indoor Long Bowls

Indoor Long Bowls sessions are starting at the Arena on Monday 5 October 2015 and will run until Tuesday 29 March 2016. The sessions will run on Tuesdays at 1.30pm - 3.30pm and Thursdays at 1.30pm - 3.30pm. Sessions will cost £3.20 per sessions or £2.10 for the Recreational Leisure Card holders. For more information please get in touch with the team at the Arena.

Go Spike Volleyball

Go Spike Volleyball sessions started at Derby Arena on Wednesday 9 September. Sessions will be taking place on Wednesdays at 7pm - 8.30pm and cost £5 per person.

These sessions are great for beginners so don’t hold back but come over and learn to play Volleyball. So far it has been a great turnaround of people turning up to these sessions. These sessions are supported by the Darkstar Volleyball Club, who will be supporting you on your way of learning to play Volleyball.

You don't need to book on for these sessions, just turn up and play!

Sitting Volleyball

Sitting Volleyball sessions started at the Arena on Wednesday 9 September and will be taking place on Wednesdays at 7pm – 8.30pm. These sessions cost £2 per person. Just like the Go Spike Volleyball sessions, Sitting Volleyball sessions are supported by the Darkstar Volleyball Club who will be happy to teach you how volleyball is played.

These are great sessions for everyone – whether disabled-bodied or abled-bodied. Sitting Volleyball has become one of the most popular Paralympic sport due to the fast and exciting action.

Everyone is welcome to take part in these sessions – whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player. These sessions will be a great way of keeping fit, meeting new people and having fun. There is no need to book on for these sessions, just turn up on the day and play!


Soccersice is starting at Derby Arena on Tuesday 6 October and will be run on Tuesday evenings at 7pm - 7.45pm, costing £3 per person. These sessions will be suitable to women of all abilities over the age of 16. You don’t need any previous experience in playing football to be able to attend these sessions.

Soccersice combines a variety of fitness exercises with a football. The class is delivered to music and based on repetitions of specific exercises (i.e. press-ups, squats, sit-ups and many more). It is a fun way of staying fit and healthy.

Everyone is welcome so we look forward to seeing you all at the Arena. For more information please get in touch with the team at the Arena.