New gym equipment for Springwood

Tue 11 Jan 2022

Springwood Leisure Centre is excited to announce that they will be installing state-of-the-art new gym equipment when the temporary gym returns back to its original location in February. 

The new equipment providers are PULSE, who are award-winning British Designers of gym equipment. PULSE Fitness is unique as its the only company to research, design, develop and build equipment in the UK.

The PULSE equipment will bring enhanced technology interaction, motivation and support to every gym user, linked by the TRAKK fitness app. The equipment will include new Cardio Vascular (CV) machines and a Functional Rig. Below is a floor plan and a table indicating the equipment to be installed. 

Springwood Leisure Centre-MAIN GYM -A3.png


A - Treadmill 1 - Functional Rig 11 - Multi Pully 21 - Full Rack 
B - Cross trainer 2 - Dumbbell Set 12 - Dual Multi Pulley  22 - Preacher Curl Bench 
C - Stepmill 3 - Shoulder Press 13 - Abdominal  23 - Abdominal Bench 
D - Upright cycle  4 - Chest Press 14 - Seated Curl 24 - Dumbbell set
E - Recumbent cycle  5 - Pec Deck 15 - Leg Extension 25 - Adjustable incline bench 
F - Upper body ergometer  6 - Lat Pulldown  16 - Lat Pulldown  26 - Dumbbell set
G - Ski ergometer  7 - Seated Leg Press 17 - Seated Row 27 - Smith Machine 
H - Watt Bike  8 - Assisted Chin/Dip 18 - Seated Leg Press  
J - Rower 9 - Seated Row 19 - Squat Rack  
  10 - Dual Pulley 20 - Adjustable Bench Press  

The maintenance on the gym floor and installation of air conditioning units is on track to be completed in late January. The gym will then take on a transformation including redecoration and the installation of the new Pulse gym equipment. The temporary gym will close Wed 2 Feb at 10pm, reopening Mon 6 Feb at 9am,  welcoming Springwood Derby, Active users, back into their favourite, enhanced fitness space.   

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Also, if you're not a member, why not join now before 31 Jan 2022 and pay only £25 for the first 4 months, find out more here.  Terms and conditions apply. 



Springwood Gym designs

Design layout of gym image 1

Springwood Gym Designs

Design layout of gym image 2

Springwood Gym Designs

Design layout of gym image 3

Springwood Gym Designs

Design layout of gym image 4

Springwood Gym Designs image

Design layout of gym image 5

Springwood Gym designs
Springwood Gym Designs
Springwood Gym Designs
Springwood Gym Designs
Springwood Gym Designs image