National Omnium Championship 2017

Mon 5 Dec 2016

The British Cycling National Omnium Championship & National Sprinters meet will consist of qualification and heats. Both events will have separate competitions for male and female riders.

The omnium will be made up of 4 events and is disputed over a single day held under British Cycling and UCI rules.

The final classification is established as follows: 

Prior to the start of the Points Race, a current ranking with the points totals shall be drawn up, and riders will start the Points Race with these points accrued over the first three events. Riders shall add to, and lose points from, their points totals based on laps gained and lost, and points won in sprints, during the Points Race.

Final overall Omnium ranking shall evolve through the Points Race.
The winner of the Omnium shall be the rider who has obtained the highest total of points.

Male races:
10 km Scratch
10 km Tempo
25 km Points

Female races:
7.5 km Scratch
7.5 km Tempo
20 km Points