Give Kinesis One a go

Wed 9 Sep 2015

Kinesis One uses traditional movements, such as squats, lunges, chest press and rows, and makes them fun, easy to perform and allows the user to perform their own movements. This means Kinesis One is the perfect machine for people of all levels from beginners to advanced, whatever your fitness goal may be.

Why should I use kinesis one?

  • It requires no setting up; due to the ergonomic handles you can simply grab the handles/equipment and perform the exercise. Just select the required weight and position the handles at the correct height for you.
  • It works on a 360 degree rotation cable, which means you can perform movements in all directions. Kinesis One will allow you to perform movements like you would do during your everyday activities without the interference of the cables.  
  • It works on a double weight stack, so you can control the resistance on either side of your body independently, allowing you to perform movements more effectively to reach your personal training goals.
  • You can perform upper body, lower body and core exercises, working on balance, strength and flexibility all just using Kinesis one.
  • It is medically certified so makes working out possible for anyone with limited mobility or if you are recovering from an injury.

How can I include Kinesis One in my programme:

  • Log into MyWellness account and sign into your wellness cloud account
  • Select training tab at the top of the page
  • Select new exercise
  • Type Kinesis One into the search box
  • Select the exercises you wish to perform to see a video of how the exercises are performed
  • Add the exercises to your current training programme

Alternatively speak to a wellbeing advisor who will be happy to show you how the exercises are performed and will be able to add the exercises to your training programme.

Give Kinesis One a go – it’s great fun and provides you with a great alternative to using fixed machines and free weights, therefore helping you make your training more varied. 

Kinesis One