Keeping well at work - a few tips

Thu 12 Aug 2021

A happy workforce is a productive workforce! Workers who are feeling good in body and mind tend to have more motivation and focus to do the best they can whilst at work. There are many steps employers and employees can take to improve wellbeing in the workplace.

Work/Life Balance 

Increasing working hours and workload can reduce productivity and lead to less actual work being done. It is important to strike the right balance by having a reasonable number of hours in the working week and taking breaks whilst at work should be encouraged.


Workers should have adequate space to do their job and where possible should have some options to customise their own space to create their own environment and feel ownership. Nice break rooms and good facilities so people can enjoy their breaks more helps too.


Opportunities for group physical activities such as group walks, simple sports such as table tennis, or discounted leisure facility memberships are great ways for workers to improve both their physical and mental health.


Undertaking training courses on physical and mental health is a good way of learning new information and getting new ideas on how to improve wellbeing.


Promoting teamwork improves the bonds between employees and brings a social element into the workplace where people feel they are part of a team rather than working in isolation.

Celebrate Success

It is important to recognise when good work has been done and take the time to celebrate and feel positive about how things are going at work.
These are just a few ways to improve wellbeing in the workplace.

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