Have you tried BODYATTACK™ yet?

Fri 14 Aug 2015

BODYATTACKis a LesMills class that is high-energy fitness class with moves that are suitable for all ages and abilities. There is something for everyone from absolute beginners to fitness fanatics. BODYATTACK combines athletic movements, such as running, lunging and jumping with strengths exercises such as push-ups and squats.

Enjoy the up-beat tunes, whilst challenging and taking yourself through the paces. This amazing workout can help you burn up to 730 calories and is sure to leave you energised and give you a sense of achievement.

BODYATTACK will help you improve your functional fitness. It is a workout that will literally work the whole of your body and will help you burn calories, whilst also helping you tone up and shape up. You will soon find that this type of exercise will improve your stamina, coordination and agility. Bare in mind that exercise is not only needed to look and feel good but it will also help you concentrate at work or studies and will help you be more productive.

Don’t worry if you have never done a BODYATTACK class before, just make sure to take it at your own pace and level without overdoing it the first time around. Our group exercise instructors will always show you low0imact options to ensure you can tailor your workout to suit your ability and fitness level. Start with one to two classes a week and work your way to exercising on a regular basis.

Make sure you try one of our BODYATTACK classes that are run on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Take care of your health and wellbeing and you are sure to feel much happier, fitter and healthier in no time!