Gym Class of the Week - Yoga

Fri 6 Jan 2017

Throughout January we will be trying out gym classes and reporting back to you about our Class of the Week.

This week's class is Yoga at Derby Arena.

When does yoga take place?

Yoga is held every Thursday at 7.30pm.

How long is the class?

This class is 1 hour long.

What are the benefits of yoga?

There are many benefits to yoga, including:

  • improving your mobility and helping with joint issues
  • improving your flexibility
  • increasing mindfulness
  • relieving stress
  • improving body awareness, balance and control
  • improving sense of wellbeing
  • giving you a sense of energy
  • low impact session

What the drawbacks of yoga?

Some aspects of yoga you might not find as great are:

  • there is no cardio, so this isn't a workout
  • the class is quiet, so it isn't an energetic class
  • it can take a while for you to get used to 

Who would you recommend this class to?

I would recommend it to everybody! The benefits of yoga really help most people, so it is well worth popping in and trying out a session. Beginner classes are great for those who are just starting to take an interest in yoga. 

Interested in attending yoga?

You can book to attend a session here.

Let us know how you get on!