Gym Class of the Week - HIIT/Insanity

Fri 13 Jan 2017

This week's class is HIIT/Insanity at Derby Arena.

When does HIIT/Insanity take place?

HIIT/Insanity classes are held every Monday at 10.30am.

How long is the class?

This class lasts for 1 hour.

What are the benefits of HIIT/Insanity?

There are a number of things I really enjoyed about this class, including:

  • This is a high intensity work out - I really felt like I had pushed myself during the class and worked very hard.
  • The class is popular, so it was full. This means the energy in the room was great, with everybody working together.
  • The steps are easy to follow - with repetitions and intervals, it was easy to pick up without having to know specific moves beforehand.
  • The moves are designed to target specific areas, so there is a high level of fat and calorie burn.
  • It includes both aerobics and strength activities.
  • Every part of my body received a workout! 
  • There is the option to go for 'low' or 'high' levels of all the moves - this is useful for anybody wanting to avoid some moves due to injury etc.
  • You can work at your own pace, as most activities are timed. This means that the number of repetitions you do in that time is up to you.

What are the drawbacks of HIIT/Insanity?

These are some reasons that make this class not for everybody:

  • It is very high impact! With the options to go for 'low' levels of the moves, you can avoid too much jumping if you have impact injuries, but this means you don't feel like you've had as much of a workout.
  • The class is busy - if you're not comfortable with big and popular classes you might not enjoy it.
  • It's worth booking as far in advance as possible as it is very popular.
  • You don't get much time to rest! Obviously with a workout class you expect to be pushed, but if you need regular breaks to catch your breath, you will be disappointed.

Who would you recommend this class to?

I think this class is best for people who already do a lot of exercise and would like to push themselves. It's great for those wanting to burn fat/calories quickly, as it is so intense, but it would probably be a shock to the system if you're not used to regular exercise.

Interested in attending HIIT/Insanity?

You can book to attend a session here.