Footgolf at Markeaton Park is opening this weekend

Wed 15 Jul 2015

Footgolf has now been launched at Markeaton Park so be sure to come along this weekend and give it a go. Get your family and friends together and try out the latest craze, which replaces a golf ball with a football and a club with your own foot.

Footgolf is a great introduction to Markeaton Park and will help you stay fit, healthy and active. It will be open to public from Saturday 18 July and will cost £5 per round (play another round for only £1 extra). To introduce Footgolf to the wider public we have put a special offer in place of only £1 a round between 12noon and 8pm (with the last T-off at 6pm) on Saturday 19 July and a special offer price of 2 for 1 on Sunday 19 July.

The difference between Footgolf and golf is that a football will roll and bounce dependent on the typography of the course. Our Footgolf court contains 9 holes and takes approximately 40 minutes up to an hour to complete.

It is advised to book in advance during the busiest times to avoid disappointment. You can do so on UK Footgolf website, ring 0800 6899552 or email

We look forward to seeing you all at Markeaton Park this weekend!