Fantastic cardiovascular workout with the Cross-Trainer

Fri 21 Aug 2015

Cross- Trainer or Elliptical Exercise Machine is exercise equipment that combines movements of the stair stepper, treadmill and exercise bike all in one and therefore will help you work your upper and lower body at the same time. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s look at the major benefits of the Cross-Trainer.

Kind to your knees

A workout on a Cross-Trainer is very similar to jogging, but without the wear and tear on your joints. Unless you are wearing the right footwear and jogging on a soft surface, it can put a great pressure and stress on your back, joints, knees and shins. The Cross-Trainer will help your limbs remain in continuous contact with the machine and therefore limits the impact on your knees. If you are suffering with your knees and back, replace jogging by Cross-Trainer. This will help you achieve similar benefits of those of jogging.

Helps you burn more calories

Even though the actual workout might feel more like a brisk walk, you are actually putting in as much as effort as you would for a good run. As long as you perform the exercise correctly, the Cross-Trainer will help you burn more calories than a treadmill or an exercise bike. Cross-Trainers will help you burn between 8 and 12 calories per minute. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Workout for the whole body

Use Cross-Trainer and you are sure to have a whole body workout, including your upper body. In this upright position, you can easily have a chance to work your quads, abs and even your chest, by pulling and pushing at the handle bars. Overworking a certain part of your body and leaving the others out lead to aches and pains. If you want to work harder - increase the resistance and go at a higher speed.

Complete your warm-up and cool-down on the Cross-Trainer to vary your workout. If you are not sure how the Cross-Trainer is used, speak to one of our Health and Wellbeing Advisors on your next gym visit and they will be happy to show you how this piece of equipment is used.