Celebrate Results!

Fri 12 Feb 2021

Have you seen RESULTS?

Celebrate results, no matter how small or large - they all matter.

Small wins are essentially progress points on the way to your larger goal. They remind your brain that no matter how futile your efforts may seem at times, you are making progress. These small wins can act as a checklist end route to your bigger goals.

How many times have we been focused on the end goal? So focused, we forget all the barriers we had to overcome to get there. Most will never reach their goals, simply because it becomes mundane and too difficult. We end up giving up.

Celebrating all the smallest wins develops positive habits. When these positive habits become regular, it is a win! All we continue seeing is the end goal. Pat yourselves on the back. The continuation of creating new habits edge’s us closer to the end goal.

The impact of self-reflection and rewarding oneself has a lasting appeal in everyday life. We become more driven and focused. Feeling proud of accomplishments with a can-do attitude, to life.

If you hit a smaller goal that contributes to your larger plan, why not reward yourself. The benefits can be positive especially if you choose to reward yourself with something that motivates you to push on to your overall goal. For example, you are aiming to complete a 10k and you hit the milestone of jogging 5K without stopping a motivating award may be new trainers or a GPS watch.

Rewarding oneself has massive implications on your motivation, morale and your whole being. This will rub off on your friends, family and colleagues.

So go ahead, get on and shout it from the rooftops. Celebrate every win!

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