Bradley Wiggins to attempt world record at Derby Arena?

Sun 18 May 2014

After the Union Cycliste International announced it was to make changes to the ‘Hour Record’, British Gold Medalist and Tour de France 2012 winner Bradley Wiggins announced he would like to challenge the record, and where did he suggest he wants to have a good old go at it? Only at our very own Derby Arena!

Bradley Wiggins one mentioned that he'd be inclined to attempt to break his record on our cycle track. This is exciting news for the Arena and the whole of Derby!

Councillor Mr Repton said:

“We’re absolutely delighted at this incredibly positive endorsement. For one of the world’s top cyclists to say he wants to come to Derby’s new velodrome and sports arena is really superb and we would welcome him with open arms. I’m sure there would be tens of thousands of people in Derby who would want to come along and see him. It’s brilliant. We will do all we can to facilitate this happening because it would be great for Derby.”

With the new Arena scheduled to open in early 2015, we’d love to see Sir Bradley Wiggins having a spin round the track – world record breaking attempt or not!