Blog: A new challenge - The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon

Thu 21 Apr 2016

Derby City Council gym-goer continues to share the experience of using the council gym facilities to train for a new challenge, The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon

"Just as planned, I finally managed to sign up for a new challenge, a sprint Triathlon taking place at Markeaton Park on Sunday 17 July. This is great motivation to help me train and maintain my fitness. As my main goals are to reduce my body fat percentage, tone up and increase cardiovascular fitness, I thought that signing up for The Jenson Button Trust Triathlon would be an effective way of doing so.

I have been a member of the Derby Leisure gym facilities for around three months now, after taking advantage of their 5 day pass and found the membership packages very appealing considering I live in between Derby Arena and Springwood Leisure Centre, it is great to vary my workouts in different facilities.

Through my membership, I have also gained access to a friendly and professional team who are on hand to assist with equipment and implementing training plans, which is where one of the health and wellbeing advisors, Darren Stromberg, was very helpful. He has helped me by creating a 12 week programme to train for the event using a variety of equipment and facilities."

You can access the 12 week training plan by clicking here.

"I am now just over 12 weeks from race day, which is a completely new event for me. I have never been much of a runner, swimmer, or cyclist for that matter, so it is refreshing to be trying something different.

I'm trying to be sensible and realistic by entering a sprint triathlon first, where the preliminary heat consists of a 200m lake swim, 10km cycle and 2.5km run. The fastest in those heats will then go on to the final, which is double the distance, 400m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run, with the runners up going through to the wooden spoon race. I'm not quite sure what heat I'll qualify for, but I'm in it for the experience this time round.

I am already quite nervous for race day, mainly for the swimming aspect as I have yet to try open water swimming, as I'm guessing that lazing around in the sea doesn't count? However, I am feeling confident that this training plan will prepare me well for race day.

I have already been trying to get into shape by going to the gym facilities 4-5 times a week so I can get stuck into this new training programme, and also stuck into a lycra triathlon suit...eventually."

By Tom Leonard