Behind the Scenes Training with Dan Osborne

Mon 4 Jan 2016

While staring as the Genie in Aladdin Dan Osborne gave us a unique insight into his training at the state of the art Derby Arena gym.

The former The Only Way is Essex star and model used the Derby Arena gym during the production run. He recently launched his new calendar and has been busy on his Dan Osborne Celebrity Training site. 

We got a chance to ask him a few questions about his training and his experience using the Arena gym, see what he had to say below.. 

Given your role as the Genie I guess it’s quite important to work out?

Dan O – The gym is really nice, it’s the same equipment that I use at home so I know all the equipment. I have to take my top off (in Aladdin) so I can’t let myself go and I like training anyway so I’m doing the same as at home.

We are here in this is a state of the art facility with some very fancy equipment, what are your favourite bits of kit in the gym?

Dan O – My favourite day is shoulder day, but I like bench press as well, a bit of both.

I guess you have to be quite strict with your training. Can you give us an insight into your programme?

Dan O – Yeah, I have a fitness programme coming out which has all my work out in it, I train five days a week, I try and eat good, eat plenty of protein and just train hard.

The cast look like a fun bunch, have you had a chance to hit the gym with them?

Dan O – I have been training with Mike McClean and Michael who plays Abanazzar, it’s good they are a great bunch. It’s my turn to play jokes on Mike, he plays jokes on the stage and play the ones in the gym.

The panto is being here in Derby Arena what has impressed you most about the facility?

Dan O – I think how the Arena has been converted for the pantomime when we first arrived for rehearsals there was a taekwondo Competition going on and within a few days the curtains were up, the stage laid down and everything. That’s the best part you don’t feel like you are in an Arena at all.

As someone who seems to know their stuff, do you have any top tips for people coming to train at Derby Arena?

Dan O – There are personal trainers here, whenever anyone goes to the gym don’t be scared to ask for advice, if you are doing exercises wrong you can injure yourself.

Derby Arena is launching a new campaign in the New Year ‘I can You Can’ as a personal trainer what is your message to those who are unsure about getting into exercise?

Dan O – I always think don’t be shy, everyone has to start somewhere. When I first started I was absolutely tiny and you have to start somewhere. Just don’t ever be scared to give it a go.

Diet must be important to keep in shape, but everyone gets a break at Christmas what will you be having on Christmas Day?

Dan O – Loads of food, a big Christmas dinner with my family and eating as much turkey as I possibly can.