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COVID-19 Update


15 July 2021 Update 

Moorways StadiumSpringwood Leisure CentreQueen's Leisure Centre and Derby Arena are now open for activities as outlined in the government's Covid-19 Recovery Roadmap. 

For more recent Covid-19 facility user updates and customer user information, please visit our Leisure Covid-19 Updates web page. 

Derby Arena courts and track cycling will remain closed while we continue to support the NHS in the provision of a venue for the Vaccination Centre. 

Remember to book your activities in advance, (up to 14 days) by calling the centre, booking online or by using the Derby Active App

All cyclists will need to undertake accreditation before riding on the track.

Accreditation consists of 4 sessions led by experienced coaches.

Stage 1: Track cycling taster (introduction to track cycling)

This is an hour long session that also works as a taster session for people who haven’t ridden on the track before. During this session you will learn how to operate toe clips and how to control a fixed wheel bike – learn how to start and stop safely, learn to control pace. This session will allow you to get used to the bike and learn to ride confidently and safely on all parts of the track.

Stage 2: Improve (improving your track cycling)

This is an hour long session that will follow a successfully passed stage 1 session. This session will help you build your confidence even further and will help you progress towards riding in small groups. During this session you will ride consistently within 1 metre of the wheel in front and will start to manage the speed and space between other cyclists.

Stage 3: Advanced (track cycling skills)

This is a two hour session that can be booked once stage 1 and stage 2 sessions are successfully passed. This session will allow you to build your confidence even further. In order for you to progress on to stage 4 you will need to show that you can ride consistently within ½ meter of the wheel in front, change effectively from the front of a line of 16 riders on the black line, completing the entire change within 1 lap, change in pairs effectively from the front of a group of riders above the blue line, completing the entire change within 1 lap. You will also need to demonstrate that you can effectively ride closely side by side in a ‘stack’ of five or six riders, changing from the bottom to the top at designated points.

Stage 4: Accreditation (track cycling accreditation)

This is a two hour session. It is also the final stage for achieving the full accreditation. This stage can only be booked once the previous 3 stages are successfully completed. This is the stage where you will feel like you are ready to try a race, therefore race specific drills are used during the session.

With application of prior knowledge and skills learned in stages 1 - 3, riders completing all of the assessment tasks successfully will be able to access track leagues and Structured Quality Training sessions.

What if you already hold an accreditation?

If you already hold an accreditation from another UK-based velodrome or if you have a significant amount of track cycling experience, you will need to come in for a Probationary Accreditation session to familiarise yourself with the velodrome at Derby Arena. Accredited cyclists are required to provide a proof of accreditation from the appropriate facility. These sessions will be of a very high level ability and will test fitness and track riding ability.

To join our waiting list for a Probationary Accreditation, please either contact us on 01332 640011 or come in and speak to a member of staff at reception.

Interested in undertaking accreditation?

In order to register and book for cycling accreditation, you will need to sign up for a Stage 1 membership - you can do this in person, over the phone or online.