My Wellness Cloud

We live in a digital world and thanks to smartphones, tablets and the availability of new technologies we are permanently connected to our electronic content. Technogym has harnessed this to revolutionise the training experience.

Technogym's mywellness enables you to access your own data, content and training programs whenever and wherever you wish, turning your physical activity into a customised training experience 'on the move'. 

The mywellness app will enable you to follow your fitness program by keeping track of your fitness.

Step by step on setting your mywellness cloud up:

  1. Download your free mywellness app from either the App Store or Google Play store.
  2. Create your mywellness profile. Enter your data and create your profile and connect with Facebook. You can use mywellness to train and keep track of your outdoor activities.
  3. Check out your training plan. Use our Unity system at the gym to set up a program with your trainer at the gym. You can also use Unity system to track your progress. Check off each exercise as you perform it from the list of exercises in your program. Each exercise comes with a video guide to assist you.
  4. Start your session. To sync your app to the Unity system and Kinesis stations use your smartphone with your mywellness app turned on. Alternatively scan the QR code with your smartphone.
  5. Follow and keep track of your fitness. You can follow your training program from the Unity system available at the gym or on your smartphone. Remember to always close your training session from the totem or directly from your smartphone.
  6. Customise your Unity experience. While training on cardio equipment, you can access your Facebook profile, browse the Internet, watch TV and use your favourite apps. Discover a new way of training with Unity.

My Wellness Cloud