Derby Arena: A Hub of Champions

UCI World Masters Track Champions 2023

Wed 25 Oct 2023

In most sports, hitting the age of 35 usually means a decline in performance and an uphill battle for improvement. However, in the world of track cycling, being 35 and above doesn't mark the end of the road; it signifies the beginning of an exciting journey at Derby Arena.

Riders of all ages and skill levels flock to the Velodrome for various reasons, be it for social interaction, fitness, or to bask in the warm, inclusive atmosphere. Many riders over the age of 35 still possess the burning desire to push their limits and compete, and Derby Arena offers them the ideal platform to achieve their goals.

Every June, the Masters National Track Championships are held down at Newport, featuring four days of fierce competition against the finest Masters Track cyclists in Britain. This year, Derby had a strong contingent, and expectations ran high across all age categories.

The results were nothing short of outstanding, with all the medals being claimed by regular riders of the Arena. The men earned an impressive 27 Gold, 13 Silver, and 14 Bronze medals, while the women clinched 18 Gold, 9 Silver, and 9 Bronze medals. This remarkable tally resulted in a total of 45 National Champions Jerseys returning to Derby. Notably, these performances also witnessed the establishment of numerous World Best and National Records. Astonishingly, nearly 40% of all medals awarded were won by Derby riders, solidifying the Arena's position as the most successful Velodrome in terms of results.

From September 30th to October 7th, the UCI World Masters Championships descended upon Manchester, introducing the world's finest riders to the mix. Once again, Derby Arena riders led the charge. This time, team events were incorporated into the program, encouraging riders to work collectively and push each other to new limits. The results were nothing short of superb, with 29 Gold and World Champions, 20 Silver, and 10 Bronze medals being secured by Arena riders.

Riders of all ages, competing against and often triumphing over the world's best Masters Track cyclists, illuminated the track at Derby Arena. This achievement is undoubtedly a tremendous success story, one that everyone associated with Derby Arena can proudly celebrate.

It's no surprise that they are affectionately known as "The Masters Medal Factory."

If you have been inspired to ride the track, find out more by visiting Derby Arena new rider accreditation pathway web page. 


Picture above:
Martin Perrett, Adey Dent, Mike Twelves, Rob Muzio become World Champions.

Picture below:
Richard Clarke of Ilkeston Cycle Club takes a national title.

Richard Clarke of Ilkeston Cycle Club takes a national title