Christmas opening hours

Derby Arena

Wed 4 Oct 2017

Please take the time to look through our Christmas opening hours before you head to the Arena during the festive season.

Date Opening hours
Mon 18 - Fri 22 Dec Normal operation
Sat 23 Dec 7am - 7pm
Sat 24 Dec 7am - 7pm
Mon 25 Dec Closed
Tue 26 Dec Closed*
Wed 27 Dec 7am - 7pm
Thu 28 Dec 7am - 7pm
Fri 29 Dec 7am - 7pm
Sat 30 Dec 7am - 7pm
Sun 31 Dec 7am - 7pm
Mon 1 Jan Closed
Tue 2 Jan Normal operation

These opening times relate to sport and physical activity use, however the programme will be limited due to pantomime performances. In addition, post 7pm the venue will remain open for pantomime guests only.

*Derby Arena is closed on Tue 26 Dec for all sporting and physical activity programmes, however the venue will be open for pantomime performances.