A poem for our valued Derby Active customers

Fri 3 Apr 2020

Ode of the gym team covid-19


The spin bikes are all empty,

The gym floor is bare,

We PTs are longing

To show you we care


About your fitness

And wellbeing you see

It is what we do best

Keeping you healthy is key


For now our instructors are poised,

At home ready for action,

Waiting for the video moment,

To create an online attraction.


To share a daily workout

Tailored just for you

An easy; a moderate

And a pro one to do


The treadmills stand  empty,

The dumbells stacked high,

The kettlebells are lonely,

We didn't even say goodbye.


Be mindful to stay hydrated,

Watch.those snacks as you go

Keep active, take your one a day

Ensure you keep your mojo


We can't wait to come back,

And shed those pounds away.

To make you feel energised,

And forget about these lockdown days.


We miss all our clients,

And each other too.

Be gone of this virus.

We cant wait to see you!


Written by Helen Treece - Springwood Wellbeing Advisor 

Thank you