The Yard

The Yard

FREE PARKING at The Yard for customers of our event, for the duration of the event if they book a table.

Book your pre-show meal at The Yard, opposite the Arena. The Yard is an all day restaurant and bar located on the south west corner of Pride Park. Serving their delicious lunch and dinner menu – and their menu changes with the season. The Yard have a fully stocked and wide ranging bar serving draught and bottled beers, ales, fine wines, spirits and mixers, sparkling wine and champagne, all at great prices.

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Terms and conditions

1. The Yard is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible customer experience. If you need to contact us, please call us on 01332821001. The Yard welcomes all customer feedback for consideration in helping us to continuously improve.

2. Please ensure that you arrive in sufficient time to enable parking your vehicle and reaching the entertainment venue.

3. When leaving your vehicle at The Yard, you warrant that at all times while in our custody it shall be in roadworthy condition suitable for driving legally on the public highway, has a valid MOT and vehicle excise duty, does not hold any dangerous toxic or illegal substances, and is properly insured in compliance with relevant UK legislation.

4. Should you damage another vehicle or any part of the car parking facility or property you must report this immediately to a member of our staff, providing full details of the incident along with contact and insurance policy details.

5. ClubDCFC, DCFC or The Yard does not accept liability for loss of or damage to vehicles arising from events beyond our control, including mechanical or electrical failure, self-locking, or damage by third parties.

6. ClubDCFC, DCFC or The Yard does not accept liability for failure to perform our obligations due to occurrence of events beyond our control, including but not limited to fire, adverse weather conditions, atmospheric pollution, war or terrorism and natural disasters.

7. ClubDCFC, DCFC or The Yard does not accept liability, other than for legal liability arising out of the negligence of the Company, for death or bodily injury to third parties, or loss or damage to third party property.

8. Our Terms and Conditions of parking do not affect your Statutory Rights as a Consumer.

9. Vehicles are parked at the vehicle owner's risk. No liability is accepted for loss or damage unless it is proved to be caused by the negligence of the Company. Damage claims cannot be considered unless reported prior to departure from the car park. If your vehicle is damaged within or stolen from our Car Park or any of your possessions stolen, you must immediately inform a member of our staff.

10. Customers must not leave any person or animal within the vehicle.

11. In exceptional circumstances or periods of peak demand, spaces may not be available within our parking facilities.

12. Upon return the customer should inspect their vehicle before leaving site. Any concerns should be highlighted prior to leaving site, as any claims for damage or loss from vehicles will not be considered if The Yard is not informed prior to the customer leaving site.