Track league rider information

To ensure you have a pleasant experience with us, please familiarise yourself with the rider information below.


1. League registration fee is £20 (to be paid via the British Cycling Online Entry system at least two weeks prior to the start of the league).
2. Entry fee is £12 per week. Entries close by 11pm on the previous Saturday.
3. Race entry fees are paid via the British Cycling online entry system. British Cycling apply an additional administration fee of £1 per entry, which is non-refundable.

Race categories

1. Group A riders - accredited and very experienced track riders that have ridden other indoor and outdoor track leagues and competition e.g. National Omnium Series, Sprinters' League and others. Open to males and females. 

2. Group B riders - accredited track riders who have some experience of track racing or a minimum of 20 hours track time (via SQTs, private or club training sessions). Open to males and females. 

3. Group C riders - accredited riders who have no experience of track racing, but have completed a minimum of 10 hours track time in the last 12 months (through SQTs, private or club training sessions). Open to males and females.

4. Group D riders - female only accredited riders who have no experience of track racing, but have completed a minimum of 10 hours track time in the last 12 months (through SQTs, private or club training sessions.

You will need to choose a preferred group when registering, however you might be allocated to another group, based on your experience and performance later on.

Conditions of entry

·         Riders must hold a completed UK Indoor Track Accreditation to ride in the league and are required to have written proof of this, on their BC licence or on an official document.

·         In addition, for your own safety novice riders must have completed a minimum of 10 hours track-time (via SQTs, private or club training sessions) to be considered eligible for racing.

·         Riders must have Gold or Silver BC (race) membership.  Provisional licence-holders are required to purchase a day-licence at sign-on.

·         Riders must be aged 16 or over.

Please ensure that you have read the code of conduct


1. The organiser requires a minimum of 48 hours’ notice if a rider is unable to participate. This will allow us to offer your place to another registered rider. A maximum of two DNS (without prior notification) will be accepted. A third no-show will result in removal from the league.
2. Derby Arena Track League reserves the right to refuse entry on the grounds of failure to meet the conditions of entry, or breach of the 
code of conduct.

Refunds will not be provided for track league registration or event entry fees.

Sign-on, accreditation and guests 

1. Riders must sign-on each week they compete, collect their numbers and hand in their race licence on arrival. Licences must be collected at the end of the racing, when numbers are returned.
2. Cycle D access is only available to riders and staff. No spectators or helpers will be allowed on the Cycle D.

Number placement

1. Race numbers must be placed just below the shoulder blades and angled with the top edge parallel to the spine, so they can be seen by officials positioned on both sides of the track. Riders will be prevented from joining the start of a race if their numbers have been incorrectly placed.


1. Spectator access to the concourse during Track League carries a fee of £1 for adults and £0.50 for children aged 8 - 16 and free for under 8s. The fee is payable to the venue and reception.
2. Spectators are encouraged to come and watch Track League events. Provision can be made for group visits from schools and sports clubs. If you intend to bring a group please 
contact us so that the necessary arrangements can be made.

Race rules

1. General rules are as follows:

·         riders will line-up in the rail on turn 1 and 2

·         only riders listed on the start list and who have signed on will be allowed to start

·         the Chief Commissaries' decision is final, challenges must be submitted in writing within 24 hours of the event to the league organiser.


1. Finishing positions (and points) will be awarded to the top 8 finishers in each event and an overall series prize awarded at the end of the league. The points awarded will be 8 to 1 for 1st to 8th place respectively in Groups C & D, Group B have double points and Group A tripple points, which encourages riders to move up groups as they develop.

 2. Results will be published on the British Cycling website, and Social Media platforms.