Track league code of conduct

By formally registering for the Derby Arena Track League and paying the necessary registration fees, you agree to adhere to the following code of conduct throughout the series.

1. The track league is an individual event. No team work, combines, composites or collaborations of any kind will be tolerated.

2. Riders are required to compete in their registered club/team kit (if applicable). National and World title jerseys may only be worn in the event and relevant age category in which they were awarded.

3. Race numbers should be fixed, unfolded, across the back, just below the shoulder blades and angled with the top edge parallel to the spine, so they can be seen by officials positioned on both sides of the track. An example will be displayed at the sign-on desk prior to racing. Riders must present to the start line with numbers correctly fixed and positioned or they will not be permitted to start.

4. All riders are responsible for the conduct of their helpers at all times whilst on Derby Arena property.

5. Riders eliminated from a race must leave the track as soon as it is safe to do so.

6. It is forbidden for riders to ride on the Cote d’Azur (blue band) during a race to gain an advantage.

7. After crossing the finish line at the end of a race, all riders must hold their line and avoid deviating up or down.

8. Riders must keep their hands on the bars at all times during a race and after crossing the finish line.

9. Riders may be penalised (by relegation, disqualification, fine, suspension or expulsion) for any breach of the code of conduct or of the following safety rules:

  • providing the organisers with false information relating to their track racing experience and/or level of expertise
  • obstruction, impediment or blocking of another rider, by any means
  • passing (or attempting to pass) inside the sprinters’ line when the preceding rider is on, or inside, that line
  • shutting down or taking another riders line without having a clear bike-length lead when overtaking
  • passing riders on the inside (unless the rider being passed is riding wide)
  • deliberate obstruction, cutting, pushing or tactical movements likely to falsify the end result of a race
  • verbal intimidation or abuse directed at anyone inside the Arena, including riders, officials, spectators and staff.

10. The league will operate a 3 strike policy. If a rider receives three verbal warnings from a commissionaire in the course of the league, they will not be permitted to ride the remaining league sessions.

11. In the event of disciplinary action being taken, there will be no refunds made of Registration or Entry Fees.

12. All racing will be conducted in accordance with British Cycling rules and officiated by British Cycling Commissaries

13. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone contravening these rules.