Club Cluster Training

Club Cluster Training (CCT):

This opportunity will be equivalent to the Club Clusters of Training Session (CCT) that are referenced in the GB Cycling Team Performance Pathway. The session will cater for riders currently attending RSR (Regional School of Racing) & and for all Youth A & B riders striving to get to RSR.

To learn more about the Great Britain Cycling Team Performance Pathway visit their web page here or watch a Youtube video

The aims of the sessions are to deliver to riders discipline specific skills in a structured session that also aims to push physical limits & develop riders physical condition, as well as increase knowledge of track competition strategy. The sessions are single hit sessions that riders can attend and accommodate into their training weeks as best suits them - they do not have to attend all sessions to gain benefit from them.

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Mon 23, Sep 2019 8pm - 10pm Derby Arena
Mon 14, Oct 2019 8pm - 10pm Derby Arena
Mon 28, Oct 2019 8pm - 10pm Derby Arena
Tue 12, Nov 2019 8pm - 10pm Derby Arena
Mon 25, Nov 2019 8pm - 10pm Derby Arena