New riders

Cycle track

Never been on a cycle track before? 

If you're getting ready for your first ever session on the cycle track then fear not – our highly-trained and experienced cycling instructors will be on hand to take you through the different stages to make you a confident rider. You'll be under the supervision of an instructor until you've completed all the stages necessary and gained an accreditation to be able to attend Structured Training sessions. You don't need to be serious about track cycling to have a go - you can just enjoy the ride! You can stay at the same level and carry on having fun - no need to take things seriously!

Are you an accredited rider from another track?

If you're an experienced cyclist, but new to the Arena track, then you'll still need to come in for an Accreditation session before you can undertake any track cycling. If you already hold an accreditation from another UK-based velodrome, then you'll need to attend a Probationary Accreditation session. This is absolutely essential to get you familiar with the track, the bike and provide you with essential information before you start. Once this is completed you'll be able to cycle away and enjoy the whole cycling experience. 

This is what one of our customers had to say:

"Approximately ten weeks ago l hadn’t been on an indoor track before. Simon (track cycling coach) had introduced me to track cycling and recently introduced me to SQT's. Both on and off the track he is an excellent communicator. It isn’t very often you receive exceptional coaching and customer service from someone who is not only passionate about his sport but making sure everyone he coaches is treated with respect and has opportunities to achieve their goals."

Your cycle journey to accreditation explained

If you're serious about cycling and want to progress through track accreditation we have a 4 stage process to get you there. Please note that it might take several attempts passing each one of the stages. Our coaches want to ensure that you have learnt the relevant skills and are ready to progress on to the next stage.

Stage 1: Track Cycling taster (introduction to track cycling) – 1 hour

This could be your first go at track cycling and can be a one-off taster session just for fun or to see if it’s for you or can be the start of your progress to gaining full track accreditation. 

This first stage of accreditation is also our taster session for people wanting to experience the track, so there will be a mix of ages and abilities in these sessions. If you just want to have fun - you can come to this session as many times as you like!

At this session, riders will learn to:

  • understand and operate toe clips and straps
  • understand and control a fixed wheel bike in order to start and stop safely on the inner fence
  • control pace whilst riding on the safety zone, cote d’azure and track
  • use effective observation in order to enter and exit and move around the track safely
  • control line whilst riding on the track
  • understand how the track banking affects the speed
  • ride confidently and safely on all parts of the track whilst holding the drops.

Stage 2: Improve (improving your track cycling) – 1 hour

This is the second stage of the track accreditation process and can only be booked if you have successfully passed the Inspire session (stage 1). This session builds on the confidence gained from the taster and progresses you towards riding safely in small groups. The aim is to build safe and confident group-riding through a number of fun well-tested drills whilst using the full width of the velodrome track. In order to progress to advanced sessions, riders must show that they can:

  • ride consistently within 1 meter of the wheel in front
  • effectively control speed to manage space between each other without 'kicking back' or overlapping wheels
  • display consistent and effective observation and communication at all times
  • change effectively from the front to the back of a line of riders in a paceline
  • ride confidently and safely in pairs above the blue line.

Stage 3: Advanced (track cycling skills) – 2 hours

The third stage of the track accreditation process can only be booked once you have successfully passed Improve session (stage 2). Building on the confidence gained from the small group riding in stage 2, this stage gradually progresses riders to riding even closer still in a safe and structured session. To progress and ride in an accreditation, riders must show that they can:

  • ride consistently within 1/2 metre of the wheel in front ("on the wheel")
  • change effectively from the front of a line of 16 riders on the black line, completing the entire change within 1 lap
  • change in pairs effectively from the front of a group of riders above the blue line, completing the entire change within 1 lap
  • effectively ride closely side by side in a ‘stack’ of five or six riders, changing from the bottom to the top at designated points
  • By using tried and tested drills coaches will get riders working together as a unit and gradually layer in a greater level of skill as your confidence continues to grow. Race-specific drills and techniques are widely used during this session in the lead up to the final stage of the accreditation process.

Stage 4: Accreditation (track cycling accreditation) – 2 hours

This is the final stage of the four-stage accreditation process and can only be booked once you have successfully completed all three subsequent stages. This is where you will start to feel ready to try a race! Race-specific drills are used during this session and include ‘stacking’ where riders bunch up in close but safe groups and then a ‘slalom’ exercise and sprinting drills are used to build your confidence as you become a fully accredited rider. With the application of prior knowledge and skills learned in stages 1 - 3, riders completing all of the assessment tasks successfully will be able to access track leagues and structured quality training sessions.

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Cycling Accreditation pricing

  • Stage 1- £17.05
  • Stage 2- £17.05
  • Stage 3- £25.30
  • Stage 4- £25.30

Structured training for accredited riders

The accredited rider page has information on what sessions can be accessed as an accredited rider.

Track league

Once you have developed racing skills on the track put these into practice by entering the Derby Arena Track League - find out more on the Track league page.