Accredited Riders

Cycle track

As an accredited rider there are a number of sessions to attend detailed below.

All sessions will have to be booked in advance, to allow us to regulate the numbers of people attending at any one time, and the thorough cleaning of all equipment between sessions. 

Please read returning cyclist information web page, which includes a video for guidance on changes during your visit to Derby Arena track. 

The programme will be available to book up to 28 days in advance,  with sessions starting on Monday 14 September, which can be booked from 1 September, book online or call 01332 640011

Booking conditions apply

Entry to the facility for a session will be granted no earlier than 30 mins prior, all sessions must be booked online prior to arrival. After the session we will ask customers to exit the building in a timely manner to allow cleaning for the next sessions arrival.

Parking at Derby arena has never been easier. We have a parking pod located in the cycle D where you can input your car registration for 3 hours of free parking. However please note all double yellow line & bus drop off areas are now being patrolled regularly by Parking Enforcement Officers.

The cycle D will be set up in accordance with the current guidance in place. 

There will be no alterations to this setup.

  • There will be one hand sanitiser stations located in the cycle D at car registration computer and a sanitising station for arriving riders and staff.
  • Each rider will be assigned a single seat/barrier and area of hand rail on track side for the session, these are will be numbered. There should be no use of other cyclist’s areas during the session to limit infection control. You will be required under the guidance of the coach to wipe down your area at the beginning and end of the session.
  • The session will be completed with social distancing in place within the cycle d, the cycle ramps and stairs. Any riders/customers/coaches not maintaining the recommend distance will be advised to do so; non-compliance will be met with session ejection.
  • Riders will where possible not use the hand rails, either on the ramps or track safety. Recommendation for riders to start and stop without the use of the inner rail.
  • Track safety zone and the track usage will abide by current British Cycling guidance.
  • The coach will allow access to track side.
  • No spectators will be able to access the Arena, therefore we require all participants to be 16 or over. 

Sessions explained

To check the availability of sessions and to book please visit the programme.

Derby Arena Track Programme

Structured Quality Training (SQT)

Structure Quality Training sessions are for more experienced track cyclists or newly accredited riders looking to further improve their race skills and knowledge. These sessions will cover the basics of the sprinting and endurance events and improve rider skills. They will also test your fitness and prepare you for various types of racing. SQT sessions are delivered by a qualified coach and offer more formal and race-centred opportunities. 

Endurance riders

If you are looking to develop your endurance skills and fitness then any Structured Quality Training (SQT) session is suitable. The sessions include drills and race scenario's to help develop your riding ability and track skills, including knowledge of track races, technical and tactical skills and an element of physical preparation for racing.

Sprint riders

The session covers all things track sprint from warm-ups, gearing, flying and rolling efforts and gate starts.

If you are looking to complete your own efforts as a sprinter then we have 5 spaces available on every SQT to allow you the track time in between the endurance blocks.

Derny paced SQT 

Derny sessions are great for those looking to improve leg speed, strength and power. The session is suitable for experienced riders and is fast-paced.

Gearing recommendations are 92"+.

For further information on any of the above sessions please speak to a Derby Arena coach.

Drop in sessions

These sessions are for those looking at gaining some track time in an unstructured session. The nature of the session allows riders to complete efforts, try new gears and spend time on the track with coach supervision.

Discipline Specific SQTs

For those looking to practice sprint or pursuit efforts, we have a number of sessions to cater for this. The sessions have a lower number of spaces to ensure enough time for efforts. This typically looks like 10 minutes for sprint and 20 for pursuit efforts rotating over a 2-hour session, a typical number of efforts for riders is 4 sets.

Youth SQTs

For those riders aged 12-15 who attain accreditation can attend the Youth SQT. This session follows the same format as senior SQT sessions, however, is more suitable for younger riders. The speed and drills completed are appropriate and give an opportunity to learn about other skills such as standing starts, flying and rolling efforts and track craft both on and off the bike.

Gearing must be inline with British Cycling restrictions.

Frequently asked questions 

For more information please see our FAQ web page here 

If you have any questions, that are not answered by the FAQs or would like to speak to a member of the Derby Arena team, please call 01332 640011 or email, we would be more than happy to talk through any track cycling concerns. 

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